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Interview with Martin on Fox35 Good Morning Orlando

August 30, 2014


Martin appears on Fox 35 – Good Morning Orlando discussing separation anxiety when kids leave for school.


Some tips on Dog Parks

April 16, 2014

IMG_1353We thought we would share this article on tips for Dog Parks. Too often accidents occur and dogs get  into trouble – as often do owners. Do not think that because your dog likes other dogs that this is an easy activity. Not everyone has well behaved dogs – in fact ask yourself, ‘Do you, where there are many big distractions?’. It is so easy to teach a dog bad habits and  never easy to undo them. So here are a few pointers from an article in Mother Nature Network.

Dog Parks are a good place to add to your training once a splid foundation has been created plus of course be a lot of fun for you and your dog. BUT do not go there and hope everything will be OK. A mistake now can create difficult issues and not everyone in the park will have read these tips on what not to do. Unfortunately common sense is not always ‘Common’.

Have fun with your dog.



March 12, 2014




I was very excited writing this book as I had to put myself into the mind of Leo. How did he view the world, how did he view the humans in his world. Did he really understand what they were communicating and wishing to do or was he interpreting it differently as a dog. Did he view all experiences and actions the same way as the humans. Did the humans realize that by not understanding dogs and how they think they were actually not only creating unwanted behavior and  issues but  even encouraging and rewarding them. This book I hope will help young people and all owners to understand ‘Dog’ more.  For anyone who is thinking of getting a dog or already has one this is an ideal book and even if you just like dogs you will enjoy the story. My grand-daughter had it read to her as a bedtime book and loved it.

Leo, the dog, narrates his own true story from being abandoned as a puppy to his journey of learning how to effectively relate with not only other canines but humans too. His life’s adversities and adventures are filled with amusing insight on what it takes to become a successful member of a pack and to lovingly co-exist in a family environment. Dogs, like humans, have individual personalities and with the help and guidance of a world famous trainer and behaviorist, Leo, learns how to change his unacceptable behavior. This story is an entertaining ‘training’ manual for all dog owners. It is educational and thought provoking while remaining endearing and mind opening to dog owners who can relate to their animal’s behavior and how they were created and in doing so see how they are viewed in the eyes of their dogs.

Leo is a rescued dog that tells of his life story from a canine’s perspective. His quest takes him from a young, unruly, abandoned dog saved by a bleeding heart woman who cannot control him, to a rehabilitation facility where he learns manners and becomes a cast member superstar for a well-known television dog trainer Cesar Millan.


 Link to Amazon – click here or on Book Cover


E-Touch and More in Florida

September 26, 2012


Pat and I will be running an E-Touch Course and More at our Center In Montverde Florida 7th to 11th November 2012. We call it ‘and More’ because we wish to impart far more than just the learning of how to use a tool. Helping people is not just about training as we often recognize it, but about changing behaviors, attitudes, emotions and relationships not only between dogs and humans but often between human with human, and dog with dog.

The more we work with owners and their dogs the more we realize that each ‘animal’ within the mix, dog human and other, has to change, and the mix that owners and dogs encounter can be very complex. Tools help us, they become one catalyst to this change, but tools are not enough, there has to be a change of attitude, relationship and understanding. We have found that a complete behavior and training approach has to be employed for success, and for many dogs the use of the remote trainer, the e-collar, one of the most effective tools to use in this mix. We are looking for balance both in owner and dog. Confidence, understanding, trust, respect and affection definitely. A belief in each other and a rewarding relationship for all. There is unity and clear communication resulting in understanding where dog and owner know each other so well they are a family ‘team’.

In the workshop we will share our approach to changing the lives of people and dogs with the correct and humane use of the e-collar as a catalyst for this change.

For more information if interested in joining us at Green Mountain in November go to or call 407 469 5583

E-Touch -touches students and dogs.

June 10, 2012


Great week at Theresa Richmonds training Center at Mahogany Ridge Virginia. Ten students all keen with great dogs wanting to learn. What more can you ask for. To have Jack Volhard in the class with visits from Wendy also made me think it was like teaching Steve Jobs something about marketing!!.. Two of my heroes learning from me!! What next?

Here in the photo with long time friend Adam Witherspoon – another great trainer from IACP who told me “I learned far more than I expected Martin.” Hey high praise from those I respect – loved it.

August sees me going to work with my good friends at triple Crown Academy. Not seen them for two years and miss them and their great hospitality. Another E-Touch course – it wil be great. I just feel it in my transmitter!

E-Touch Virginia

June 10, 2012

E-Touch Video from the Virginia Workshop

Training Cesar’s Way in California

May 6, 2012

About five months ago I went on a walk with Cesar in Los Angeles, I followed it up with a visit to his Dog Psychology Center and while walking and talking it struck me that it was time that Cesar not only shared his knowledge and skills on the TV but did so in workshops at his Psychology Center. I talked with his Manager about this as well as the staff at the Center and they were all very excited at the prospect as was Cesar who loves to teach and have direct contact with fellow professionals and dog lovers. What should we teach I was asked. How about a foundation course that explains and demonstrates Cesar’s approach and gives those attending an understanding of how dogs learn together with the tools and approaches that can be used to help them learn. And so it started, with fellow trainers and rehabilitators Cheri Wulff Lucas and Brian Agnew, we developed alongside Cesar a 4 1/2 day course that would do just that.

35 students from Iceland, England, Norway, Canada and the USA attended this first workshop and the result an overwhelming success. This was a terrific workshop. I have done many over the years but I would rate this as being among the top if not the top in togetherness and enjoyment of learning. Cesar was in his element and loved every minute as did the students. Many students brought dogs, some with issues that we helped with and some simply as companions to enjoy the days learning together. Myself, Brian and Cheri with Cesar Team taught and also gave individual presentations with plenty of time for one on one help to resolve problems each student was facing with their dogs. And, we have two more courses already planned and full. One is September and one in October. Now for 2013 and even more. Here are a few more photos.

International Association of Canine Professionals Conference

May 6, 2012


At the IACP conference exhibition area, a Beagle friend tries out the GoPet Treadmill. Ideal for those who find walking their dog difficult due to many reason including bad weather and own limitations. The Exhibition area was full of new ideas and good ways to enjoy your dog and it was a delight to see so many exhibitors there old friends and new.

The conference itself was a great success. Workshops and presentation from leading figures in the dog world were received with great enthusiasm. My own presentation was on ‘There is no one Magic Wand’ and I discussed not only differences in approaches stressing the need to be versatile but also explaining the weaknesses of those who wish to only use a narrow approach to dog training.  The trainers who espouse only two approaches to learning, terming themselves purely positive,  and condemn anyone who uses corrections as being the devil incarnate are not doing the dog world any good. The use in a program of training of Corrections and punishment does not indicate and should not imply abuse. In this world there are always repercussions and consequences – both good and not so good. We can all learn from these and dogs can also when applied correctly. As with all approaches to learning both reward and punishment, the need to ensure they are applied correctly is important.

Another fascinating presentation was given by Jean Dodds on the Thyroid problem in dogs today. It is reaching almost epidemic proportions and creates many behavioral as well as physical problems.  I would recommend dog owners and all professionals to do some reading of Jean who is at the forefront of identifying thyroid issues.

Major IACP Sponsor PetSafe.

NEW BOOK from Myself

April 6, 2012

5 years ago I met and became friends with Gayle Thompson who worked with Cesar Millan. In conversation we began talking about her dogs and one in particular, Leo. He had been found as a stray in a baseball stadium. Her adoption of Leo started a journey in their life together that was not only interesting but made realize that in life things often work out for the best. We should never give up and always strive tor each our dreams. Leo became a dog star with the help of Cesar Millan. He has featured in Cesar’s posters and on many photographs, and always because of his jumping skills. Gayle, after 4 years of turmoil in her life achieved happiness forging a career in Alternative Remedies for dogs and obtaining her own home, where Leo and his two dog companions could once more settle in a family. Listening to Gayle and Leo’s story I saw a need to try to tell it as if Leo.  How he saw and felt the times and the changes that he experienced.  My hope is that this book will not only entertain but also help create understanding of how dogs think and see situations differently from us humans.

Leo – The Incredible and Amazing Dog Star

by Martin Deeley

This is Leo’s Story as he would tell it; how he ended up living at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles and found himself in a photo, along side Cesar, in The New Yorker magazine. When Leo, a four-month-old stray puppy, meets his human mom for the first time at a Little League Park, little does he know what sort of adventures await him. He meets Uncle Woofie, gains another bossy pup as his brother, and settles into the good life. Through no fault of their own, the family loses their home. As a result, Leo and his brother, Baby, travel 1000 miles to Texas to stay for a while with his human auntie and her dogs. But then life takes another turn and Leo and Baby find themselves at the front gate of the Dog Psychology Center where they meet and live with the Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan – for four years. There he and Baby learn how to be part of a real pack of dogs and watch Cesar rise to become the star he is today. This fun educational story for both children and adults illustrates life and behavior from a dog’s perspective, and teaches us to stay open to possibilities and never give up. This is a real dog’s true story that will be enjoyed by all.

If you are interested go to where you can download this book as an e-book.

IACP Conference

March 4, 2012

Another year goes by and once more a highlight of each year, the International Association of Canine Professionals Conference is with us. And, … is in Orlando at the Doubletree Hotel. This is always a highlight of the year for myself and all who attend. Meeting old friends, making new ones and sharing not only happy moments but ideas and ways to improve our work with dogs and our business in general.

Want to learn more to help you achieve success? Believe a successful business would help you help dogs? Think continuing education is essential? Seeking advice, knowledge and experience? You will find all this and more at the 12th Annual Educational Conference.

I have been asked to present at this conference and look forward to doing so. But I also look forward to learning and listening to the other great presenters. I also learn even more on occasions from those attending. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the attendees. One man who is presenting and I follow regularly on his blog is Patrick Burns (Terrier man). He tells it as it is and always gets my mind whirring, thinking I wish I had written or said that. A working dog man, Patrick I am sure will tell it as it is at the conference, there may be some contentious statements made but I can guarantee he will get you thinking about the dog world as it is today.

If you want to learn more about dogs and the dog world this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy dog stuff and learn a lot more about dogs and the professions. To find out more go to and see what you should not be missing in Orlando April 19th to 21st 2012.