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E-Touch and More in Florida

September 26, 2012


Pat and I will be running an E-Touch Course and More at our Center In Montverde Florida 7th to 11th November 2012. We call it ‘and More’ because we wish to impart far more than just the learning of how to use a tool. Helping people is not just about training as we often recognize it, but about changing behaviors, attitudes, emotions and relationships not only between dogs and humans but often between human with human, and dog with dog.

The more we work with owners and their dogs the more we realize that each ‘animal’ within the mix, dog human and other, has to change, and the mix that owners and dogs encounter can be very complex. Tools help us, they become one catalyst to this change, but tools are not enough, there has to be a change of attitude, relationship and understanding. We have found that a complete behavior and training approach has to be employed for success, and for many dogs the use of the remote trainer, the e-collar, one of the most effective tools to use in this mix. We are looking for balance both in owner and dog. Confidence, understanding, trust, respect and affection definitely. A belief in each other and a rewarding relationship for all. There is unity and clear communication resulting in understanding where dog and owner know each other so well they are a family ‘team’.

In the workshop we will share our approach to changing the lives of people and dogs with the correct and humane use of the e-collar as a catalyst for this change.

For more information if interested in joining us at Green Mountain in November go to or call 407 469 5583

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