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Some tips on Dog Parks

April 16, 2014

IMG_1353We thought we would share this article on tips for Dog Parks. Too often accidents occur and dogs get  into trouble – as often do owners. Do not think that because your dog likes other dogs that this is an easy activity. Not everyone has well behaved dogs – in fact ask yourself, ‘Do you, where there are many big distractions?’. It is so easy to teach a dog bad habits and  never easy to undo them. So here are a few pointers from an article in Mother Nature Network.

Dog Parks are a good place to add to your training once a splid foundation has been created plus of course be a lot of fun for you and your dog. BUT do not go there and hope everything will be OK. A mistake now can create difficult issues and not everyone in the park will have read these tips on what not to do. Unfortunately common sense is not always ‘Common’.

Have fun with your dog.


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