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International Association of Canine Professionals Conference

May 6, 2012


At the IACP conference exhibition area, a Beagle friend tries out the GoPet Treadmill. Ideal for those who find walking their dog difficult due to many reason including bad weather and own limitations. The Exhibition area was full of new ideas and good ways to enjoy your dog and it was a delight to see so many exhibitors there old friends and new.

The conference itself was a great success. Workshops and presentation from leading figures in the dog world were received with great enthusiasm. My own presentation was on ‘There is no one Magic Wand’ and I discussed not only differences in approaches stressing the need to be versatile but also explaining the weaknesses of those who wish to only use a narrow approach to dog training.  The trainers who espouse only two approaches to learning, terming themselves purely positive,  and condemn anyone who uses corrections as being the devil incarnate are not doing the dog world any good. The use in a program of training of Corrections and punishment does not indicate and should not imply abuse. In this world there are always repercussions and consequences – both good and not so good. We can all learn from these and dogs can also when applied correctly. As with all approaches to learning both reward and punishment, the need to ensure they are applied correctly is important.

Another fascinating presentation was given by Jean Dodds on the Thyroid problem in dogs today. It is reaching almost epidemic proportions and creates many behavioral as well as physical problems.  I would recommend dog owners and all professionals to do some reading of Jean who is at the forefront of identifying thyroid issues.

Major IACP Sponsor PetSafe.


NEW BOOK from Myself

April 6, 2012

5 years ago I met and became friends with Gayle Thompson who worked with Cesar Millan. In conversation we began talking about her dogs and one in particular, Leo. He had been found as a stray in a baseball stadium. Her adoption of Leo started a journey in their life together that was not only interesting but made realize that in life things often work out for the best. We should never give up and always strive tor each our dreams. Leo became a dog star with the help of Cesar Millan. He has featured in Cesar’s posters and on many photographs, and always because of his jumping skills. Gayle, after 4 years of turmoil in her life achieved happiness forging a career in Alternative Remedies for dogs and obtaining her own home, where Leo and his two dog companions could once more settle in a family. Listening to Gayle and Leo’s story I saw a need to try to tell it as if Leo.  How he saw and felt the times and the changes that he experienced.  My hope is that this book will not only entertain but also help create understanding of how dogs think and see situations differently from us humans.

Leo – The Incredible and Amazing Dog Star

by Martin Deeley

This is Leo’s Story as he would tell it; how he ended up living at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles and found himself in a photo, along side Cesar, in The New Yorker magazine. When Leo, a four-month-old stray puppy, meets his human mom for the first time at a Little League Park, little does he know what sort of adventures await him. He meets Uncle Woofie, gains another bossy pup as his brother, and settles into the good life. Through no fault of their own, the family loses their home. As a result, Leo and his brother, Baby, travel 1000 miles to Texas to stay for a while with his human auntie and her dogs. But then life takes another turn and Leo and Baby find themselves at the front gate of the Dog Psychology Center where they meet and live with the Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan – for four years. There he and Baby learn how to be part of a real pack of dogs and watch Cesar rise to become the star he is today. This fun educational story for both children and adults illustrates life and behavior from a dog’s perspective, and teaches us to stay open to possibilities and never give up. This is a real dog’s true story that will be enjoyed by all.

If you are interested go to where you can download this book as an e-book.

IACP Conference

March 4, 2012

Another year goes by and once more a highlight of each year, the International Association of Canine Professionals Conference is with us. And, … is in Orlando at the Doubletree Hotel. This is always a highlight of the year for myself and all who attend. Meeting old friends, making new ones and sharing not only happy moments but ideas and ways to improve our work with dogs and our business in general.

Want to learn more to help you achieve success? Believe a successful business would help you help dogs? Think continuing education is essential? Seeking advice, knowledge and experience? You will find all this and more at the 12th Annual Educational Conference.

I have been asked to present at this conference and look forward to doing so. But I also look forward to learning and listening to the other great presenters. I also learn even more on occasions from those attending. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the attendees. One man who is presenting and I follow regularly on his blog is Patrick Burns (Terrier man). He tells it as it is and always gets my mind whirring, thinking I wish I had written or said that. A working dog man, Patrick I am sure will tell it as it is at the conference, there may be some contentious statements made but I can guarantee he will get you thinking about the dog world as it is today.

If you want to learn more about dogs and the dog world this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy dog stuff and learn a lot more about dogs and the professions. To find out more go to and see what you should not be missing in Orlando April 19th to 21st 2012.

I Meet a Great of All Time

March 4, 2012

Many know I am a Basketball fan so this was a great beginning of a new friendship for me.

Dogs have brought me many friends and introduced me to many wonderful people I would never have met. One such person I have recently befriended is Jerry Lucas, Basketball Hall of Famer and memory man. Yes I said Memory Man. After basketball, where is was in the Olympic Gold Medal team and was a star with the Nicks, he began to use his talents not only at remembering facts and information but also developing a system for others to develop their memories. His main project, which has become not only a vision but also today a reality, is to help children learn, and to improve the education system by making learning enjoyable and far more effective. He gave me a demonstration of the system. It was fascinating and definitely fun. Like dogs, make it fun and rewarding and they learn, and the same principle applies to kids and adults.

Jerry is the husband of my good friend Cheri Lucas and I have to say that my weekend in their company was not only a delight but also memorable, and not just because Jerry gave  me a few memory tips. We talked basketball and education, I was a lecturer at college and then university for 18 years.  And just like dogs, over the years, basketball has changed dramatically. Jerry also played in the All Stars games and as he told me “Played to win.” Not all this showmanship stuff and lack of atmosphere we get today. Maybe it is age that makes us critical, but I have to say sometimes I think we are missing out by not expecting the standards we required in the past. Many active working competition dogs are better than ever but regularly our much loved companions behavior is made excuses for.  Even in competition I have seen standards reduced to meet what the dogs can achieve, not what they should achieve. That does not promote growth and improvement in either training or the levels of acceptability. Let’s always work at making learning easier and  training fun, but continue to build higher standards. But I digress.

Keep an eye out for Captain Memory. Jerry’s unique approach to learning will be hitting the screens soon.

Like the photo? I look like the Hobbit from Tolkien’s books.

Training Cesar’s Way Courses

March 4, 2012

On a visit to LA last year while attending Cesar Millans Dog Walk and meeting up with him and his manager I called in to his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita . While there, I remembered that Cesar had always talked about setting up a training center for both owners and dog professionals. I asked if they were ready for that now and whether it would be possible to test the waters so to speak , regarding courses. They asked me to list types of courses and put forward programs and curriculum for what would be a good starting point. This I did and one we selected was developed with two of my colleagues Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew. Cheri, many will know from the Dog Whisperer Series and the Second Chance at Love Rescue, and Brian is a very proficient and well-respected trainer, both Cheri and I have worked with over the years.

Now the course is a go, and we are all excited at working together as a team, Cesar, Cheri, Brian and myself. The first course in April will be a foundation type course based on Cesar’s approaches and philosophy and very much for dog enthusiasts and new or intending trainers. But yes, you have guessed it is full and there is a long waiting list for the next two in September and October.  However, I am sure this is only the beginning and it is going to be a wonderful journey together helping as many as possible to help and work with dogs and their owners.

More information can be got at

A Weekend of Friends Old and New

January 26, 2012

In our lifetime people touch our lives in many ways. Friendship and true sharing comes rarely and when it does you often do not realize until later how much you need it and how much those friends build the fabric of your life. This last weekend was a weekend of renewed friendship and wonderful memories, and a new friendship that begins with memories to cherish.

Saturday evening was to be the a making of a new friend. A client of ours who has become a friend invited us to their home for dinner.  It was to be a special one for me, as here I met a man and his wife who have inspired thousands if not millions of horse lovers all over the world, Pat and Linda Parelli. We didn’t talk horses and talked very little dogs we just got to know each other and realize we had two wonderful friends in common. Dr Ian Dunbar, who we called to annoy and entertain half way through a few glasses of wine, and Cesar Millan, who must have been calm and Assertive somewhere as we had to leave a very silly message on his phone. Ian, who did answer, of course joined in the fun and general nonsense around the dinner table, through the phone. We are hoping for all of us to meet up in the near future and get to doing what we did all evening. Tell stories, sing country and let Pat entertain us with a mean piece of guitar playing. Quite and accomplished player is Pat and Linda with a smile put me right on many of the words I forgot or got mixed up when singing some of my favorite songs. I don’t think we stopped laughing and even now four days later I chortle at the memory. Marla and Richard (another Brit) are the most wonderful hosts and friends and knew just how to surprise and please me, with not only some very good wine but also an Indian dinner. My favorite.

Friday and the phone rings. It often does, but this sounded like a good news ring and it was. Is that Martin Deeley? Yes I answer. This is John Plested; I am at the Villages near you. How about getting together. Nothing unusual you may think but John and I last saw each other back in 1967 – we think. We think!! We were Engineering apprentices back in Poole Dorset at the Poole Electricity Generating power plant. Motorcycle fiends and rockers. Nice ones! Wow, would I like to get together. Too right I would and so Sunday evening was one of ‘Do you remember” or “I can remember” and all the old stories, old names and memories of boyhood and learning together came out. The time we spent with a group of apprentices camping on a very wet night and getting flooded out in tents we had pitched at the bottom of a hill. Then spending the rest of the night in a kind and sympathetic famers barn where rats smiled into our flashlight beams, and sleep came with a lot of difficulty. The stories of night shift at the Power Station when I cooked curry and got dragged before the boss the next morning because the whole office block smelled like an Indian Restaurant.  Memories of yesterday as though they were today. Friends of then and where they are now, or sadly no longer with us. A great afternoon and evening of days gone by and a friendship renewed.

Interesting that with both these friends, a common denominator is Indian food. Hadn’t thought about it until writing these few words. These are days that last in my mind. Days of joy where we share our lives, loves and innermost pleasures with true friends. A weekend I will always remember and I am sure talk about with these and other friends many times in the future. Memories, ah sweet memories.

Three days with the Wonderful Wendy Volhard

January 10, 2012

What a great three days my wife Pat and I have had last week with our good friend Wendy Volhard. Wendy decided she would like to learn a few things from us about gun dog training and other bits of training stuff she felt she needed. Well, to be honest, I am not sure who learned more, Wendy or us. She is a wealth of information and great company. We talked dogs and dogs and dogs. We worked and trained dogs that were in for Board and train as well as my own dogs in hunting work. Wendy has Labradors now, as well as dachshunds and she is getting a hankering to train in gundog skills. Well she has competed at the highest level is many other dog sports so why not go out and do the business in hunting dog work. We had fun.

As we sat enjoyed dinners and time together we talked nutrition, breeding and husbandry. There is so much that we can earn and use to help our dogs and owners. Wendy has developed a great food that is mixed with beef mince to give the perfect diet for dogs. In addition she has an additive/supplement, which you put with kibble to give that little extra needed vitality and health to dogs that are basically kibble fed. This supplement called Endurance I have used for my dogs for a while and really find it does make a difference.  I have also used the mixer with beef and found it very easy to feed. Dogs of course love it and the results have been very noticeable. Natural minced beef with Wendi’s mixer provides the perfect diet. Young pups, that no matter what you try, do not seem to be quite right physically have shown dramatic improvement on it. I once had a pup that was very thin on coat and somehow did not look as good as my pups usually do. After a test, which showed Thyroid on the low side but within the normal levels, Wendy advised me to feed with her diet plus add liver and Endurance. Within a month we had a different dog, both in coat and mind set. Wendy has taken Landseer Newfies to over 13 years of age on her diet even when diagnosed with liver problems at an early age. Hey, makes me want to go on the diet!!

When it comes to nutrition and developing a healthy mind and body in your dog this lady is the best. We can train exercise and love but without a healthy mind and body we are limited. I would say when love is just not enough to help your dog, talk to Wendy. She is unselfish with her time and advice and what she says pays off. A healthy mind and body provides the framework upon which we can build.

If like me you want the best for your go read some of the information Wendy has to offer at